Friday, 27 June 2014

Stykkisholmur to Akranes

A straightforward run down to Akranes so we stop off at the Gerouberg Basalt Columns...and can't resist climbing to the top. The columns are a magnificent sight from below actually.
Two of our group's motorhomes bump towards us along the pot-holed access road....the now-familiar adventurous types... and we exchange plans and stories.
We walk to a minute deserted church, so common out here. The churches are fascinating and probably warrant a post of their own sometime....I'll do that. Let me say that I have no religious beliefs but I find the part that religion plays in any society a fascinating are the buildings themselves.

Anyway, we're relaxing here for a least I am, after sorting out my expiring mobile contract...Sue's sorting the washing ...the SUN is OUT...first time for a while. Here for four nights...trip to Reykjavik tomorrow.

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