Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hrafnagil to Blonduos

Set off early and take the beautiful scenic route around the Trollaskagi peninsula via the attractive town of Siglufjord, once a mainstay of the herring industry. Visit interesting herring processing museums and Folk museum. Hear clips of the unaccompanied folk songs that have a long tradition here and see samples of early traditional stringed instruments - see image below.

 Eat lunch in the harbour in the sunshine and chat to the waiter about life here...fascinating. Despite massive snowfalls by our standards, they generally keep the main roads open...it's a way of life up here.

Have to pass through four tunnels on the journey, two being single track with passing places, into which the outfit fits (well in one tunnel that is...luckily didn't meet any traffic in the other one). Short video clip of this  HERE ... not great clip, but you get the idea... Look forward to a glass of Rioja when we get to the site after that.
After visiting other towns on the way, we are last but one in AGAIN... Great day AGAIN.

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