Saturday, 28 June 2014


A visit to Reykjavik.

...A coach trip as a group for a change. Of course, we all go our own ways once we get there. Although Reykjavik is the capital ...and where most Icelanders live, it's got quite an intimate feel about it, plus some wonderful architecture; the opera house is a really uplifting place.

After visiting some of the 'must sees', we stroll around the centre, taking in the atmosphere (the vibe!!), we listen to a (great) band doing a promtion for Spotify & Siminn and then take coffee at a smart coffee bar, frequented by the youth of the town...which is great...probably the thing we miss about our working life. There's a slightly edgy feel can sense it. Nightlife must be fun..but not for us 'mature' types probably.

We could spend two or three days here....decisions, decisions

Images; Opera House, Viking ship sculpture, the Hallgrimskirkja, cityscape, the band..but who are they?

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