Monday, 23 June 2014

Myvatn to Hrafnagil

A short journey (about 70 miles all told) but an interesting drive, as ever, in bright (and I mean bright) sunshine.

We were quite sad to leave the black-fly ridden lake Myvatn and it's fascinating peninsula...we will not miss walking around with nets over our heads though (modesty forbids a pic).
We drive along the surfaced N1 and stop at Godafoss (waterfall of the Gods), walking up through the spray to see falls crowned by a rainbow... magic.
Then it's back in the outfit and we're climbing to the snow line, then dropping down to visit an ancient 'turf house' at Laufas. These small Icelandic communities are fascinating...often small family businesses seem to thrive, providing essential services and binding the community together.

Hurrying to the campsite at a sports centre, we grab lunch, drop the van and spend the rest of the day at the nearest town, Akureyri (pop 18,000). This is the second largest Icelandic town and we are trying to 'get under the skin' of the country a little. The Icelanders are patiently helpful and accomodating, which makes this a really fascinating day. We are really getting into this trip.

After a meal (I try the pan fried catfish!) we return to base and share travelling stories. Now people are settling down, the Elegance is beginning to attract a lot of interest...should we be surprised?

We sort the route for tomorrow..should we go via Saudarkrokur - which means a lot of tunnels...but some fascinating landscapes? Guess we do - that's why we're here. Decision.

Time for bed...but it's still daylight. Thanks to the van's blackout I don't really have to use the fancy silk eye mask I bought..but I might just try it out pics though.

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