Thursday, 19 June 2014

Arrival in Iceland

Two nights on Smiryl Lines ferry... the most completely packed car deck...has to be seen to be believed. Highlights: food, company, seeing film Noah (filmed in Iceland). Lowlight: seeing Spain go out of the world cup. We feel your pain Espana.

packed in

Driving off the ferry up into the snow layer an uplifting, unforgettable experience.

Cool Caravan

We drive from Seydisfjordour to Egilsstadir, stock up with food from the supermarket, slotting the van into a busy but large car park. We take a detour to walk up to the Hengifoss waterfall (1 hour walk, 1 hour drive), flowing over vertical columns formed by contracting lava flows.

                                                               Hengifoss waterfall

Stop by the steam vents and bubbling mud pools caused by water being heated by the magma beneath before eventually reaching the campsite at Myvatn - last arrival but one but ...worth the detours though. The van rides well over the rough roads, although some of it is not an easy ride I have to say.

Hot Caravan

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