Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Leaving Denmark

We drive up to the Northern tip of Denmark, avoiding the motorway in order to see some of the country. Very flat but interesting nontheless. Just two stops, though - one coffee and one (expensive) lunch. Reflect that it's a hell of a lot easier to squeeze the Swift into parking areas than the twin axle..and it's proving to be remarkably stable in the strong crosswinds.

After dropping the van off at Hirtshals campsite, near the port, we venture up to the northern-most tip of the peninsula, where two oceans 'meet' ... well worth the the tide comes in, it's fascinating to see the gulls in a feeding frenzy, diving to retrieve small fish brought in on the tide. A fleet of tankers sit here, waiting on the tide we guess.
Already, the quality of the light is changing; when the sun is out it's clear, bright and somehow sharper.

Writing this in our tardis-like temporary home on wheels, complete with music in the bathroom - really! In fact the quality is a little better in there, I think. Must do more extended listening tests....

It's 11.30pm.....and it's not dark yet.

I see no ships......hang on......good grief!

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