The Touareg

Well, you know after 5 years or so a relationship can get stale?....but sometimes, if you get it right, you keep discovering new depths...

We've had the Treg from new in October 2009. It has a strange life. We put it to sleep in the winter and then wake it up and take it to far off lands, usually towing something large and heavy. So far it's been to France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Morocco...and now Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

The new depths were actually about 0.5m of flowing river in Iceland...after a risk assessment, of course...and countless 4x4 tracks. It's also been on duty towing caravans out of a very muddy Icelandic field. 56,000 miles and still smiling. Such power and comfort. We love you Treg.

Fording a river: New Depths...

Reaching the Glacier: New Heights

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