Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Blondous to Stykkisholmur

Around 165 miles via Borgarnes.....luckily we decide to avoid the unmade track across the top of the peninsula which has seriously deteriorated it seems....Tales of fellow motorhomers rescuing tourists caught out by the mud and potholes.
We make a couple of stops on the way and also stop to pick up two English hitch hikers, just having left college, now travelling around here. We met them earlier and a motorhoming couple had also given them a lift. One is off to teach in China and the other starting his own business. Great guys.

As we approach Stykkishholmur, we begin to see signs of past volcanic activity, passing through an old (in Icelandic terms) lava field. This makes a stark contrast with the lush green slopes of the earlier part of our journey down here - the land of sudden changes....and surprises. We're here for two nights to explore the surroundings ... so a little more later.

After setting up, we drive through the rain into the (attractive) town, see the water museum, where large  vertical columns of glacial water are preserved in patterns - it's ART with a little bit of science.... more about this and the town .HERE

A meal in town with fellow adventurers, and now we're snug in the van (which seems to shrug off the iffy roads with impunity) - with some decent WiFi, too. Blog away in comfort for a change.

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