Saturday, 5 July 2014

Seljaland to Skaftafell

A journey through vast Volcanic plain, partly covered by a mossy growth...quite eeire.  Another memory though.

The campsite is a large activity centre with camping vehicles of every conceivable type..apart from big 'American' motorhomes.  A 4x4 towing a caravan is quite a popular combination here, although some of the 4x4s make our 2.4 tonne Touareg look a bit weedy to put it mildly. Have to say, the convenience of the Treg and its off-road abiltiy has been brilliant and with the rot-proof super strong Elegance (notice we're bonding with it...), we've stopped the 'will the next change be a motorhome' discussion. We're adventure-caravanners to the core..confirmed. Technology has caught up with our needs..thank you Swift.

Here for two nights so we have a free guided walk to the Skaftafell glacier then we take a guided walk on the glacier itself....first time we have been armed with crampons and an ice-axe but probably not the last. Brings all the reading and theory to life. Also see the Svartifoss waterfall....famous for the backdrop of vertical hexagonal basalt columns  formed by cooling lava.

We'll certainly need a rest after this adventure, I think...
11.30pm.... in paradise?
Svartifoss waterfall.
Yes...don't mess with us...

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