Friday, 4 July 2014

Geysir to Seljaland

The availability of 3G and WiFi is a bit iffy around here so this post is a bit is lacking images at the moment...which is a great pity..but we'll put that right in due course...

To Seljaland - the site of the 2010 eruption that brought  Air Europe to a halt.

We leave the geysers of Geysir behind with reluctance and head off to the coastal site at Seljaland ... but not before a few interesting moments as the Treg is called into service as a rescue-the-caravans-from-the-bog duty after very heavy rainfall turns the site into a swimming pool/bog. 

Duty done, we pose the Elegance in front of the geysers for a 'I've been here' shot. Frustratingly, we can't get close enough....although I can understand that caravans parking on top of a world wonder might take the edge off it slightly. Still, important not to get too steamed up about it.

While under way, as ever, we call in at a few sights. Worth noting is the beautiful, elegant, remote wooden cathedral of Skaholt....lots of history about this site...excavations are ongoing. There seems to be a program of classical concerts held here and we are fortunate to see the rehearsals for a small recital of chamber music, laced with Icelandic humour.

After the inevitable coffee we're off and arrive at Seljaland site. Coastal site in Iceland means remote volcanic beach and being surrounded by waterfalls. Adventures from here include a little 4x4 tracking in the Treg (now covered in mud) including a walk to the Solheimajokull glacier, wonderful waterfalls, remote beach visits and, before we leave on Friday, a brilliant drive up to the volcano and glacier in a monster 4x4 'superjeep'.
Then it's off to Skaftafell...
View from our home.....

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