Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Homeward Stretch

Onto Smyril Line again from Torshavn, then two nights on a millpond (thank goodness says Sue)... farewell meal aboard ship...then arrive at Hirtshals, Denmark, three quarters of an hour late, as we stooge around waiting for a berth. We drive through Denmark to Esbjerg, with not much time for seeing anything on the way, where we board the DFDS sailing to Harwich. It's a long hike back, as we're no longer full of anticipation for the adventure ahead.

Beauty and the's all in the eye of the beholder

Last Away

We all recognise that this has been a quite an adventure and that, of course, forms a bond between us all. Great Bunch. We share emails etc., facilitated by our tour leaders, and then we're motoring along the truly awful bumpy, pot-holed A12 and we're here...HOME. Time to clean up, sort out then reflect...

Thoughts to follow...

...Brief reflections on the trip

...Review of the Elegance

I'm aiming for Monday 21st...

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