Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ride in a Storm (Akranes>Geysir)

Storm warning....possible 70mph gusts later in the day....don't panic

This part of the coast is noted for high winds so we set off early, along with most of the other adventurers, hoping to miss the worst. We hitch up in driving rain, heading for the tunnel 165m beneath the Fjord separating Reykjavik and Akranes. 

As we head off the 1 and up towards Geysir on road 35 the storm intensifies with very strong cross-gusts but without any doubt, this is by far and away the most stable caravan we've towed in such a wind -  maybe it's the combination with the Touareg but we look at each other with surprise as we shrug off the increasingly turbulent conditions and horizontal rain.

The storm abates a little as we climb towards Geysir, so we make a couple of stops, once again pausing at the rift vally. It's full wet gear and multiple layers though.

Arriving at the site, Derek the excellent tour leader (with, Iris, his wife) not one to mollycoddle, warns us of the very boggy conditions on the field, due to the storm, and has allocated a pitch. No problem for the Treg though and we're soon having a cuppa, snug from the driving rain. We look back on the journey and reflect that, with this outfit, there is very little we can't do. Have we found the perfect caravan and car?  We'll have more to say about this, I think.

Decide to look at the nearby Geysers (Geysir, the original geyser, is quiet now but Strokkur ejects sulphurous boiling water 60m high every few minutes .. wonderful...but no pics as worried about cameras and phone in the (very) wet conditions...and the rule is...only our own photos on this blog. Perhaps tomorrow then.

Can't resist climbing up the nearby 4x4 track with the Treg to get a view from on high but all we see is cloud....but we knew that really....great fun though.

Finish off the day by seeing the mightily impressive Gullfoss (foss - falls; Gull = gold).

Be dark soon (for a couple of minutes anyway)....

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