Friday, 11 July 2014

In the Faroe Islands

We were here for three nights and our travels are condensed into this single post. This does not mean that the Faroes were any less interesting; it's simply that WiFi is difficult here.

Arrived after a smooth trip on the Smiryl Lines ferry...disembarking at 3am in darkness...which certainly makes a change. It gets light during the the shortish drive to the campsite from Torshavn so normality returns. It's going to be very odd, coping with the Sun going out at night when we return to England.

Later, emerging from a quick sleep, it's not raining or foggy or fact the sun is shining upon us......and we enjoy the completely unique vista of these islands, travelling between them by bridge and under-sea tunnel. Recovering from our Icelandic experience, we quickly begin to appreciate the life and traditions of this unique place.

The next day brings drizzle and mist so we head for the capital, Torshavn and experience the Faroe version of an indoor shopping centre..sitting in quite a cool coffee bar, drinking Latte consuming the free WiFi - hence this post!

Later a Faroese evening of food and dance is organised by our excellent tour leaders - we see the traditional Chain Dance which is a version of the traditional ring dance, once banned by the Church in other counties I gather... there are literally thousands of verses to this which defies belief.
Find out more HERE
See a movie clip of our dancers HERE

Coffee Cool in Torshavn
Fish farming in the Fjords
If only I could remember which harbour this is....
Turf House Peserved

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