Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Djupivogur to Seydisfjordur

The last stop in Iceland...

....When we're home I'll review the trip and, of course, how the Swift Elegance has stood up to this pretty stiff test...not only the challenging Icelandic roads but how we've got on living in it. It's been our home, after all..and that's eating, sleeping, showering, cooking, entertaining....over 30 nights and around 2000 miles through sun, rain, mud, dust, ruts and all. Must be worth a read that. I'll try and get that done on Monday 21 June.
Let's not forget this country and its people though. This has been towards the very top of our adventures and it's not  easy to explain that in words.

Anyway, on with our trip.

Again, a wonderful drive along coast and fjords but this time in bright sunshine, with snow-topped mountains looking down on us. We make speedy progress and drop the van off at the site the head off up gravel roads to Bakkagerdi in search of Puffins...and, boy, do we find them - hundreds of them, burrowing into the cliffs, catching small fish to feed to their young. It's a kind of, er, magic.

Couldn't resist putting up the pic of a restaurant menu seen in Reykjavik though...sorry, that's how it is here...

Off to the Faroe Islands tomorrow.

In search of Puffins...and mud

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